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New Liberal Arts Foundation Group

GLOARTY Museum of Children Art is the online global charitable educational platform bringing children and teachers, schools, colleges, universities and education studios, all types of museums and art galleries, collectors and art lovers, education supporters, theaters and libraries, government agencies and businesses, charitable foundations and volunteers, parents and those who understand and respect quality education together . With your participating we aim to be international place where diverse educational, artistic, traditional, social and cultural positions are welcome. We strongly believe that together, we can make a meaningful impact and support “new generation” art and education worldwide in our time and preserve it for next generations.

GLOARTY Museum of Children Art is hosted by the New Liberal Arts Foundation, the charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports and operates GLOARTY and the other free art and education projects. New Liberal Arts Foundation Group including:

Huizhong Zhao

Kamilla Chzhao

Robert Okopov

>Art Idea Foundation

Irina Gershman

Maia Ananieva

Narine Vardanyan

Tinatin Zarkua

Sana Zhanday

Karimova Nasiba

Oxana Bedrizkaya

Tran Tien Dai

New Liberal Arts Foundation

OBK Foundation

Global Philanthropy Initiatives

NLAF Projects including:

For Child University Admission

GLOART Teen Pass

Free art voucher to visit art museums in developing countries

Global Open Art

World Art Championship for children 3-18

Teachers and students from 51 countries already GLOARTY members.

Help your Students to view their art online

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