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Information on the contest "Art Lift"

Welcome to participate in international art contest “Art Lift. I am the Happiness” if you are disabled or low-income child regardless of your country of residence, as well as economic, cultural, historical, religious, political and racial differences. Use this unique opportunity to develop your talent and create value for yourself and others, make new friends and contacts. By participating in the competition, you support other art talented disabled and low-income children worldwide.

To participate

Deadline to Submit: June 15, 2018.

The Age requirement: 3 to 21 (only for disabled or low-income children). Group works are accepted only if all children are in the same school year.

The artwork must be created during 2017 - 2018 period.

Artwork uploading is available from computer or smart phone.

Maximum number of artwork from one artist is 5.


Up to 5 artworks from each country with highest voting online at www.gloarty.org score will become members of MY COUNTRY ART TEAM to participate in World Art Championship GOA 2018.

All young artists and their art teachers will receive diploma and certificates.

Available FREE art gallery for all teachers and students, schools and art studios at gloarty.org.

I m the Happiness the Theme

Note: For your convenience, we are providing some ideas about your happiness:

So. What do you think about happiness? Show us!

Attention Please:

Only adults (teachers, guardians and/or parents) can register the young artist and submit his or her artwork electronically.

Artwork submitted will be viewed at virtual art gallery at www.gloarty.org.