The way to success lies within the successor ...

Text: Asila Jaques, 11-15

Artwork: Asila Jaques ,

In the poem above I gave a small autobiography of a bird who wants a way in her life, a way to success . The life of a bird is full of questions ,but it has a way , a mission , and things which never ends up..... the bird in the begin  says " I'm a bird who wants a way to my mission"' by which she means that she wants a way when there's no way , want to fly when there are no wings ,want hope , strength ,dreams and a way to succeed .The poem has a moral , thought       " ACCEPT LIFE NOT IN FORM OF A TRAIN WITHOUT STATIONS, BUT IN FORM OF A MISSION IN LIFE WHICH SHOULD BE COMPLETED "......               THE WAY OF SUCCESS LIES WITHIN THE SUCCESSOR . THE SUCCESSOR INORDER TO GAIN SUCCESS HAVE TO   WORK HARD AND NEVER TURN BACK TO SEE THE PAST.........

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